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Why A Gas Fireplace Is A Better Option

by Lydia Herrera

If you want a new fireplace in your home, a fireplace that's powered by gas will be a smart choice. You can choose from many gas fireplace designs so that you can pick an option that best fits into your home's interior layout. After you've reviewed all the benefits of getting a gas fireplace, you'll have a better understanding of why it will likely prove to be your best option.

Better for the Environment

Unlike a wood fireplace, a gas fireplace doesn't emit smoke that can be harmful to air quality. Gas fireplaces burn cleaner and also won't produce the same smoky odor as a wood fireplace. A gas fireplace additionally uses less energy and can help get your home's interior warmer faster.

Workable During Power Outages

If you lose power in your home in the dead of winter, your gas fireplace will still be able to work and provide a heat source if you aren't able to turn on your furnace. If you were to opt for an electric fireplace instead, you wouldn't be able to turn it on whenever you lose electrical power, and electric fireplaces aren't designed to produce enough heat to warm the insides of most homes anyway.

No Need for Logs

Gas fireplaces don't use logs to burn and can be turned on with the flip of a switch. This will save you the money that it takes to buy firelogs in stores or the time and effort of having to chop your own firewood. Using a gas fireplace can also help reduce the number of trees that need to be chopped for firewood.

Easy to Clean

Since gas fireplaces don't burn logs or need lit paper to burn, you won't have to worry about cleaning up ash and soot after using your gas fireplace. The cleanliness of gas fireplaces can also help reduce fire risks by limiting sparks that may fly out and catch home items on fire.

Easier and Cheaper Installation

Most gas fireplaces have simple designs and are easy to install. These types of fireplaces can fit into many areas of homes with little hassle. The cost to install a gas fireplace is also usually cheaper than installing other types of fireplaces.

A gas fireplace can be a great addition to your home and help improve your living space in more ways than you've likely imagined. Gas fireplace installation professionals are able to handle the job of putting in your new fireplace the right way. 

For more information, contact a gas fireplace installation service.