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Three Refrigerated Display Case Shelf Options

by Lydia Herrera

Whether you want to give your refrigerated display case a fresh, new style or you're replacing some interior components, it's a good idea to carefully consider how you want the shelves of this unit to look. There are several different refrigerated display case shelf types on the market, and you'll have a good selection of options when you visit a supplier that specializes in refrigerated case parts. Each shelf style offers multiple advantages, whether your case is in a cafe, a supermarket, or another area that provides food to the community. Here are three shelf options. 


You'll find a wide selection of metal shelves for all sorts of refrigerated display cases, which will make it easy to buy shelves for your particular unit. Metal shelves come in two distinct styles—one is a solid sheet, and the other is a wire rack. Each offers advantages. The former is very strong, and also helps to contain large messes in the event that a product on one shelf leaks. The latter has more of an open look, which can help people to more easily see products that are on different shelves in the case.


You'll also find glass shelves for refrigerated display cases. These shelves are made of durable tempered glass; it's highly unlikely that they'll break, but even if a break were to occur, you wouldn't have to worry about someone getting cut. Glass shelves are a good choice for a smaller display case. Whereas solid shelves can add a little visual clutter to the unit, glass shelves help to keep things looking open and spacious. Some glass shelves are clear, while others are slightly tinted in a different shade.


Another shelf option to consider for your refrigerated display case is plastic. These shelves offer several advantages, including being durable and being available in a wide range of colors. Shelves that are light in color may help your display case to look more open, while darker shelves can be a good option if the exterior of the unit is dark and you want everything to have a similar look. Many plastic shelves have a lip around the exterior to prevent any spilled liquids from dripping off the shelf and making a mess at the bottom of the unit.

Contact an appliance supplier in your area to learn more about supermarket case parts and how they can be used in your refrigerated display.