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Top Reasons to Outfit Your Home With Scratch and Dent Appliances

by Lydia Herrera

When your current stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and dryer begin to malfunction you know you'll need to replace them very soon. These are essential appliances that make it possible for you to run your household each day and without them, many of the tasks you can handle in minutes would take a much longer time. Choosing which kinds of appliances to purchase is the next real question because you do have a few options to select from. Should you go with brand new models or is scratch and dent a viable alternative? Read through the following information to see how much you can benefit by purchasing scratch and dent appliances.

1. Get Replacements Fast 

In a world where more than 60 percent of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck, it's clearly not always too easy to get your hands on a lump sum of money when you need it. Just buying a brand new washing machine alone can cost upwards of $2,000 and when you are already on a tight income you may not be able to produce such a large amount of cash on the fly.

You can get the appliances you need much more quickly if you go the scratch and dent route. Scratch and dent appliances are typically priced much more reasonably than brand new models simply because they may have a few minor cosmetic bruises taking away from that "new car shine." If you are willing to overlook the surface dings and focus on the internal workings, you should be able to get the appliances you need at a fraction of the cost you would fork over for products fresh off the showroom floor.

2. Get Peace of Mind Through Warranties

It's important to remember that many scratch and dent appliances come with great warranties. Maybe you take the product home and realize the item doesn't work as well as you need it to. Use the warranty to either have the appliances repaired or to get your money back. The warranty is a form of protection designed to reassure you that you are making a sound purchase. Even though many of these products aren't completely new, you can still benefit from a good warranty.

Scratch and dent appliances come in many different varieties and colors to suit all kinds of customers. You can visit a local scratch and dent appliance store or find a virtual shop where you can pick up the household appliances you need as soon as possible.