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Your Dishwasher Needs Repairs If It's Doing The Following Things

by Lydia Herrera

If you take care of your dishwasher properly, you should be able to enjoy the appliance for many years. However, even the most cared-for dishwasher may need assistance from your appliance repair services company from time to time. Even a brand-new dishwasher can require repairs that are covered under warranty.

The sooner you have your dishwasher's issues taken care of, the sooner you can use the unit again. Stop using your dishwasher and call an appliance repair services company if the appliance is doing any of the following things.

Leaving residue on dishes

Your dishwasher should properly disperse soap onto all your dishes and silverware. If you have to rinse your washed dishware because there are particles of soap or other debris on everything or you see that the soap dispenser is closed or nearly full of detergent even after a full washing, it's time to give your appliance repair services technician a call.

Making strange sounds

If your dishwasher is making a strange clanging sound, there may be a fork or other item stuck in its rotating components and the unit is unable to wash items properly. Or, the rotating components may be failing or have loose parts, which will make the appliance make strange sounds. A whining sound can also mean something is stuck or that the appliance is struggling, particularly if there is water leaking out of the appliance or the unit is slow to respond.

Don't attempt to get anything out of the dishwasher or take the appliance apart on your own. You risk injury to yourself or the appliance in doing so. Your dishwasher should only be attended to professionally by a trained appliance repair specialist.

Leaking water or leaving standing water

When your dishwasher is done with its cycle, it should be free of water on the inside. Standing water may mean an incomplete rinse cycle, which is a concern. If there is water on the floor of your kitchen area, then the seal of the dishwasher may need attention from your appliance repair services specialist. Stop using your dishwasher until the appliance has been inspected and repaired as needed.

If you have a warranty on your dishwasher, go over the fine print before calling your appliance repair services to come to your aid. You may be able to have your repairs done at little or no cost based on the age of the appliance, what is wrong with it, and what the warranty covers.