Appliances Complete Your Home

Tips for Picking Out New Laundry Appliances

by Lydia Herrera

If you're adding a laundry room to your home or replacing your old washer and dryer, you may be overwhelmed by your choices when you look at new laundry appliances for sale at the store. You need to match the laundry equipment size, price, and ease of use to your needs. Here are some tips for buying a new washer and dryer that you'll be happy with.

Choose the Basic Style

Decide on the style of equipment you like and that fits in your home. If space is tight, you might want a washer and dryer that stack on top of each other. You can buy individual appliances that stack or a single unit that is part washer and part dryer.

Another choice is if you want a washer that opens from the front or top. Since the doors open in different ways, space might be a consideration. Your comfort might also matter, since you may find it hard to reach in a top loader or bend down to reach a front loader. If you get front-loading equipment, you may want to put the washer and dryer on pedestals so they are off the ground and easier to use.

Choose the Power Supply

If you're replacing your old appliances, you'll probably choose the same type you already have so you don't have the added expense of putting in a new outlet or gas line. If you're building a new laundry room, you might want to weigh your options. You might want a gas dryer, in which case you need to hook up a gas line. If you want an electric dryer, you'll need to add an outlet that accepts a four-prong dryer plug.

A washer needs to be hooked up to water lines and a standard electrical plug. A dryer also needs to vent to the outside unless you buy a ventless dryer. The hoses and supplies you need to hook the appliances up to the power supply, water, and vents may not come with the equipment, so don't forget to factor in the cost of the accessories you need when you're pricing the new washer and dryer.

Consider Splitting Brands

Washers and dryers are often sold in sets. You can also find individual laundry appliances for sale. It might work out better for you to split models or brands so you end up with appliances you love. You might want to buy a high-end washer with all the latest features, and buy a more economical dryer, especially if you often line dry your clothes.