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4 Tips For Buying A New Oven

by Lydia Herrera

Shopping for new appliances can be exciting or stressful, depending on how you look at it. Appliances are a big investment, but purchasing the right ones can make cooking a true joy. You can get the best deals on the most current appliances by visiting a dedicated appliance store. Here are four tips that will help you pick out the best oven for your cooking needs.

1. Decide if you want a gas or electric oven.

Some people are very passionate about their choice of fuel. Electric ovens heat up more quickly, and they usually feature a digital display that will alert you when the oven reaches the desired temperature. On the other hand, some people prefer the simplicity of gas ovens. A gas oven can also give you some added security if you live in an area where power outages are frequent. As long as your gas line is undamaged, you'll be able to cook in a gas oven even if the electricity goes out.

2. Decide if you want a combination oven and stove.

Many people choose to purchase an oven that also functions as a stove. This is a great option for anyone with a small kitchen who is hoping to reduce the number of appliances they buy. However, choosing to purchase a separate oven and cooktop will give you more freedom when customizing your kitchen. If you purchase these two appliances separately, you can choose to buy a larger stove and a smaller oven or vice versa.

3. Figure out if you need a convection oven.

Convection ovens work a little differently than traditional ovens. They both include heating elements that will heat your oven to the correct temperature. However, convection ovens include a fan that circulates air during the baking process. Convection ovens are great for anyone who does a lot of baking because they cook food faster and more evenly. These ovens eliminate the common problem of hot or cold spots within the oven. Keep in mind that if you purchase a convection oven, you'll have to adjust your baking temperatures accordingly.

4. Purchase the right size oven.

You'll also need to choose an oven with the right dimensions for your purposes. If you don't typically bake a lot, you may be happier with a smaller oven. On the other hand, if you plan to cook Thanksgiving turkeys and other large items in your oven, make sure you pick a size that can accommodate these foods.

To learn more, contact an appliance store.